About Ana Karina

Luxury Concept

Ana Karina is a society based on a unique and innovative concept, which turns your ideas into reality. Our team is committed to consulting, designing and developing business concepts, online businesses and exclusive locations for businesses of the future. At Ana Karina, our customers’ ideas become extraordinary concepts, ensuring the highest standards with regards to the production, development, manufacturing, management and marketing of your business. The experience and vision of our team transforms the sophisticated ideas and demands of our clients into truly unique businesses and locations.

Tourism (hotel, balneary resort, SPAs, restaurants)
Civil and industrial constructions
Food industry
Production and sale
Sports and leisure
Creative industries

The Ana Karina Mission

Ana Karina Luxury Hospitality Concept delivers superior levels of service excellence for every venue, restaurant, hotel, spa, and business concept of the future we build, design or implement. We provide high levels of guest and employee satisfaction and ultimately, the satisfaction of owners, investors and collaborators. We combine the traditional ambiance with innovative development. We pursue excellence and financial success with honor and integrity. Our process is highly disciplined, guided by statistically significant quality measurements. We value trust and mutual respect among guests, owners and employees. Ultimately, we want to turn your dream into a profitable reality.

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